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How can leadership benefit an already high performing team?

They will get a chance to self-reflect and to see what they can and need to do better for their own well-being and resilience. They will learn what works and what doesn’t and how to build an engaged, adaptable, diverse and future ready organisational structure.


Our leaders do not have time to partake in coaching, what is your solution?

They do not need to do a lot of coaching with us to gain tremendous value as most of the learning they will do will be between coaching sessions. They will see very quickly that this investment in time will save time elsewhere and increase productivity.

What are the top 5 challenges you see Leaders are currently facing?

Breakdown of trust within organisation
High employee turnover in team/s
No defined leadership style  
Inconsistent communication and behaviour
High risk of burn-out situations for themselves and teams



Team meeting
Team Meeting

How can Team Coaching benefit my organisation?

Self-awareness and reflection are critical components of adaptability. Our coaches serve the team in a way that guides them to understand their collective role in their team, within the organisation and outside. The team will build on their systemic thinking, grow stronger, highly adaptive and future ready.

Why should we work with "Gordon & de Mol"

We help improve transparency and trust in teams by addressing challenges and tensions that normally remain under the radar and bring clarity in priorities and responsibilities creating the foundations for improved team performance.

How do you work with diversity?

We are most comfortable working with diverse teams. The complimentary dynamics and perspectives of these teams makes them stronger.  A diversity of perspectives pushes teams to be innovative and elevates their performance. We have the expertise and experience having international backgrounds both professionally and personally.

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