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Strengths Coaching

3 outcomes of Gallup research 


Increased Performance

Organisations who received strengths-based development were found to have up to 18% increased performance.​



People operating from strengths experience less burnout.



Up to 73% lower attrition and 23% higher engagement.

Give Strengths Direction

Most people do not realise their uniqueness and innate talents. Therefore they are not using and developing their talents into strengths. We human beings are all unique and see the world from different perspectives,  adding richness to organisations and catalysing more innovative environments. When a team understands each other’s strengths, individual connections are deepened and performance is increased.  Using  innate talents improves weaknesses and use less energy overall.  Research shows that the rewards of working together in a team with a common purpose exponentially increases performance. Understanding unique talents and drivers are paramount for success. 

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Excellence is the manifestation of talent through practice and learning"  

Don Clifton

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