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Unlocking Value at all Levels

If any of these questions resonate with you book a complimentary call 

Are you facing complex challenges in your organisation? 


Do you have a clear vision but struggle to get support from your stakeholders? 


Do you want to break the silos and foster collaboration among your teams?

We are

a boutique company with over 20 years of international management, training and coaching experience.

We offer 

customised solutions, high-quality services, lasting value and 

return on investment.

Our team designs and delivers tailored programmes on or offsite

Karen Gordon

We are committed professionals with in-depth global industry experience who genuinely love empowering people to maximise their personal resources with our practical and positive approach


Leadership Coaching


Coaching & Faciliation

Business People Having Fun


Imagine being able to navigate perceived paralysing situations. Where leaders can can build their own framework to influence and lead the organisation and its stakeholders.

Imagine teams where everyone’s unique skills and strengths have been uncovered. Where the entire team knows how to leverage the combination of these strengths.

Imagine a work environment where there is a growth culture for development of skills, enabling creativity and forward-thinking to deliver the best results.

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Embracing complexity and ambiguity

Gordon & de Mol Building a Self-Reflective Mindset

Build a
self-reflective mindset

Develop and expand authentic leadership style

Gordon & de Mol Developing Authentic Leadership Style
Gordon & de Mol Navigating business challenges

Navigate business challenges successfully

Leadership Coaching Questions

Quick Sync

How can leadership add value to a high performing team?

Reflection on: What strengths are leadership bringing to the team? 

What challenges needs addressing? 

Is the team living its purpose? Does the purpose need to be redefined?

What does the team need in order to pivot for ongoing change?


Why find time for coaching in an already busy schedule?

Leaders do not need to do a lot of coaching with us to gain tremendous value as most of the learning they will do will be between coaching sessions. They will see very quickly that this investment in time will save time elsewhere and increase productivity.

What are top challenges 
leaders are currently facing?

Breakdown of trust within organisation
High employee turnover 
No defined leadership style  
Inconsistent communication and behaviour
High risk of burn-out situations for themselves and teams


Harness team-based coaching
driving better results

Team Performance

Laying the foundations for improved team performance


Leveraging DEI
Developing Future Ready Teams


 Team Coaching Questions

Team meeting
Team Meeting

How can Team Coaching benefit my organisation?

Self-awareness and reflection are critical components of adaptability. Our coaches serve the team members in a way that guides them to understand their collective role, within the organisation and outside. The team will build on their systemic thinking, grow stronger, highly adaptive and future ready.

Why should we work with "Gordon & de Mol"?

We help improve transparency and trust in teams by addressing challenges and tensions that normally remain under the radar and bring clarity in priorities and responsibilities creating the foundations for improved team performance.

How do you work with diversity?

We are most comfortable working with diverse teams. The complimentary dynamics and perspectives of these teams makes them stronger.  A diversity of perspectives pushes teams to be innovative and elevates their performance. We have the expertise and experience having international backgrounds both professionally and personally.

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Headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Providing services to organisations globally

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